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    Who We Are

    A Check In Service You Can Trust

    Call Me More was created with you and your loved one in mind. This service is for anyone who could use a little encouragement and assistance with daily living reminders, or would benefit from a regular telephone call to check-in and make sure they are doing well. It is so important for our elderly to have a conversation with someone every day.

    Experienced and Supportive

    We call and check in with your loved one when you are unable to. If you are too busy to call a loved one everyday, or you might have your hands full, it's comforting to know you have extra support. We don't just call to check in, we engage in a personal, caring and uplifting conversation with your loved one wherever they reside, whether it is at home, assisted living or at a retirement facility.  

    Home Sweet Home

    Call Me More services preserves the stability, comfort and dignity providing the independence enjoyed by aging persons who live alone. Our services may postpone or delay your loved one from entering an assisted living or retirement home saving you money. Our personalized conversations validate your loved one, making them feel loved, supported and valued. Our friendly, courteous and supportive staff call daily to;

    • Build their morale.
    • Provide social interaction.
    • Provide a friendly voice and conversation.
    • Be a good listener, share some humor and good stories.

    • Provide something for them to look forward to.

    • Provide appointment and event reminders.

    About Us

    Our service is unique as it is customized to your loved one‘s needs and it is a service you can count on to relieve the stresses and anxiety associated with being a caregiver, giving you peace of mind. It is like having a personal assistant.


    Our experienced and highly trained staff provide the highest quality of Customer Care to both custom

    Dedicated Staff

    Our experienced and highly trained staff provide the highest quality of Customer Care to both customers and their families. Our goal is to help individuals and their loved ones live happy and fulfilling lives.

    Our Passion & Purpose

    To provide a service for your aging loved one that supports and values their individual needs promoting quality of life. Our desire is to make a difference in your loved ones life offering encouragement and assisting them in obtaining and maintaining optimal independence.

    Daily Calls

    regularly could be an emotional plus and a boost for someone who is lonely, providing social and emotional well-being, encouraging independence to help them feel less lonely.

    How it Works

    The service consists of personal and caring daily telephone conversations that provide much-needed social contact and serves as a check in for your loved one’s safety and welfare. It also serves as daily reminders of events, appointments, activities, birthdays and anniversaries keeping your loved one active and involved. The well-being of your loved one is the number one priority of Call Me More. This is not a referral service or medical alert system, nor is it a substitute for professional medical advice or the care that patients receive from their physicians and medical advisor.

    There are no hidden charges or fees, no signup fees, cancelation fees or contracts. Just pay as you go and you can cancel anytime.

 Clients may sign up themselves or by a caregiver, medical professional, social worker, family member or other service provider. This makes a great gift! 

    Call Me More serves anyone who would benefit from daily contact.

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    John Roberts

     “If you are looking for help with caring for a loved one, this service is perfect, very loving staff, I highly recommend them. Their friendliness and dedication is what I love most. My mom is much happier since she started receiving the daily calls.”

    Jane Smith CEO

     “I was overwhelmed with caring for my elderly Mom, until I found this service. This team was just what I was looking for. They are friendly, professional, and they really care.”

    Dr. R. McIntosh

     “If you are looking for an alternative to a nursing home or adult day care this is a service I highly recommend. This team is compassionate and caring, their friendliness and compassion is outstanding. My dad looks forward to the daily calls.

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    “The sacrifices made by veterans and their willingness to fight in defense of our nation merit our deep respect and praise.“ 

    Welcome home Veterans!